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Privacy Notice


Provider of this website and controller pursuant to Data Protection laws is ChacoMoo S.A.
(hereinafter referred to as “ChacoMoo” or “we”). For further information about us, we refer to the imprint of our website.


The following privacy notice applies to the website of ChacoMoo under It does not apply to other websites to which we merely refer to by a link.


It is our utmost concern to protect our users’ privacy. When accessing web pages and files on our website, we store the IP address of the requesting computer, but only to the extent that it is technically required and only for the time of the respective access (i.e. usually less than a second) and only in a temporary cache to enable the transmission of data. Afterwards, we delete the IP address automatically. In particular, IP addresses will not be stored in log files.



Legal Disclaimer


Terms of Use




The following terms of use apply to the website of ChacoMoo S.A. under They do not apply to other websites to which we merely refer to by a link.




We provide our website free of charge and without access restrictions. Using our website or contacting us does not constitute any contractual relationship with us. We are not obliged to make our website available without interruptions. We endeavour to select all information available on our website carefully and to update or amend it if required. However, we are not obliged to maintain information on our website up-to-date, complete or accurate. We reserve the right to modify, to update, to amend or to delete information in total or in part without prior notice and to our sole discretion.




As a service provider according to German telemedia laws, we are responsible pursuant to the general legal provisions for our own information which we provide by our website. Our own information in our website has to be distinguished from cross-references (links) to information provided by third parties. The responsibility for such information lies solely with the service provider that makes the information available as its own information. Information on such websites may be changed at any time without our knowledge. Should we refer to web pages whose content is a cause for complaint, please let us know.




Our website in total and parts of it are protected by law. In particular, content and files on our website are protected worldwide by the German copyright law and international copyright treaties. The same applies for the selection and arrangement of the information, text, tables, graphics, images and video sequences. We agree that you print out content of our website for personal use. The same applies for downloading and storing content as far as it is for your personal use. Unless not otherwise provided, copying, reproducing, adapting, distributing and/or making available to the public of legally protected content is prohibited without prior consent of the copyright holder if not allowed by law. In particular, we do not agree that a web page or file that is part of our website may be integrated into a window (frame) by link or may be represented by in-line links in such a way that it leads to the impression that the respective web page or file is part of the website of a third party.


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